Our mission is to provide our clients with sustainable, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient building and facility management. As an experienced and innovative service provider, Signature Facility Management offers a complete package of modern property management services. For some time now, we have also recognized the necessity for cleaning buildings and facilities in a sustainable and environmentally reserving manner, and we have based our company on these principles. All of our services are performed with excellence, and the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment is of paramount importance to us.

The benefit of our sustainable building services!

Commitment to environmental protection and resources conservation are particularly important when it comes to building management, due to the high levels of energy, water and cleaning materials required. Even today, ecological considerations are often given the least amount of attention when undertaking property maintenance cleaning. At the same time, implementing eco-friendly building management processes makes perfect sense from an environmental and economic point of view, without having to forgo quality for great cleaning results. All of this contributes to the conservation and preservation of our environment, whilst leading to a decrease in the operational costs of your property through the reduction of water and chemicals.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of consulting services for the economical and ecological operation of your property.




When realising new construction projects, nothing is more important than detailed planning and effective implementation of the design plus detailed documentation. We will ensure that the property meets your wishes and conforms to the strict building and usage requirements. We provide designing, planning and project management of new construction, expansions and conversions. We will supervise after the whole process from the initial design phase, planning process, tendering and project management.

Our services include:

  • Planning and supervision of building construction, renovations and interior work
  • Construction management and project management through our civil engineers and architects
  • Expert technical supervision
  • Execution of tenant improvements
  • Warranty management
  • Acceptance of construction works


Technical building management
The regular inspection of the building services and the overall condition of the property ensures the proper operation of your asset and helps to quickly point out and resolve potential damages or defects. Signature Facility Management offers you a complete service within the context of property maintenance.

Our services include:

  • General property monitoring Maintaining traffic safety regulations, monitoring the overall condition of the property and reporting necessary measures to the clients, tenant notices and blocking off hazardous areas
  • Monitoring the buildings installationsBuilding entrances, stair wells, corridors on each level, all service rooms, façade and windows
  • Control of central heating roomFacilities, lighting etc.
  • Monitoring the roof structureVisual inspection for leaks
  • Monitoring emergency exitsE.g. fire protection doors, panic lock system, accessibility
  • Monitoring the fire extinguishersFunctional readiness, test sticker
  • Control of the electrical systemsSwitches, intercom systems, lighting, timer switches, fuses, automatic door opener
  • Control of technical equipmentChecking and actuating shut-off valves, draining water pipes under freezing conditions, checking lines, gullies and runoffs, lowering the pumps, cleaning and keeping the pumping systems clean, lift maintenance, automatic door and barrier systems, fire alarm devices etc.


We can provide your daily maintenance and administrative services on site in a cost-efficient and flexible manner. This will relieve the client of the day to day management of the property and will also lead to savings.

Our services include:

  • Replacing defective lightingKey management
  • for general and technical roomsPerforming small repairs
  • For jobs without a particular qualification and warranties e.g. maintaining door closers and locks and keeping them serviceable / repairing them, replacing locksDistributing mail
  • Delivering circulars and tenant informationAdjusting the door closers
  • Reporting defects and damagesReporting defects or damages detected within the property, including keeping record and photo documentations
  • ReadingsReading and documenting the meter status and use of electrical systems, water and gas supply and other fuels


A coherent overall concept for your garden helps to optimise the maintenance efforts, save water and, therefore, minimise costs. Signature Facility Management will gladly advise you on planning and optimising your garden design and will manage the care and maintenance.

Our services include:

  • Caring for shrubs and lawnsCutting the grass, clearing areas of weeds, stones and rubbish, fertilising green areas, removing leaves, trimming the lawn edging
  • Caring for shrub and wooded areasRemoval of rubbish and weeds, trimming of branches of bushes overhanging paths, removal green shoots and loosening the soil, hedge trimming
  • Performing small repairsFor jobs without a particular qualification and warranties e.g. maintaining door closers and locks and keeping them serviceable / repairing them, replacing locks
  • Cleaning and careCleaning cobbled paths, cleaning of light wells, keeping the gullies and runoffs clean and freeing from weeds
  • Removal and disposal of green waste
  • Watering all green areas


Preserving our environment is important to all of us. Signature Facility Management diligently pursues the goal of constantly reducing the burdens to humans and the environment and to reduce the use of chemical-based cleaning agents to the minimum. However, environmental protection means even more to us – many processes can be optimised with regard to noise avoidance or the development of fine dust particles.

This is how we are seizing the initiative!

  • Preserving natural resources
  • Reducing the levels of drinking water and waste water
  • Reducing the amount of cleaning chemicals used
  • Decreasing the amount of packaging and logistics efforts
  • Decreasing noise and CO2 emissions
  • Reducing fine dust particles
  • Avoiding unnecessary cleaning processes
  • Reducing the volume of residual waste
  • Improved working and living conditions
  • Refraining from or reducing the use of aggressive cleaning agents, allergy-free indoor climate through the use of HEPA filters
  • Reducing the use of resources (water, energy etc.), and this operating costs
  • Increasing effectiveness through optimisation consulting
  • Verifiable contribution to environmental management projects driven by clients

Lend your support for improving our environmental balance and get involved with us to create a better quality of life through clean and healthy surroundings.



The environmental impact of noise, dust, odour and chemical emissions from property and facility cleaning is substantial, particularly as seen over longer periods of time. However, the benefits of generating significant improvements in property and facility cleaning is much greater through the conscious selection of eco-sustainable devices, chemicals and procedures, as well as an environmentally-friendly work organisation.

Our services include:

  • Staircase cleaning
  • Comprehensive cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning of public areas
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Parking lot cleaning
  • Bulky waste disposal


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